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Are you in the business of renting motorcycles or electric bikes? Do you operate a CBT (Compulsory Basic Training) centre or manage an accident claims firm? If so, Rent125cc invites you to join our network of trusted partners across the UK. Together, we can offer unparalleled services to two-wheeler enthusiasts and professionals, enhancing our reach and impact.

Why Partner with Rent125cc?

Expand Your Market Reach

Leverage our extensive customer base and marketing channels to attract more clients to your business.

Mutual Growth Opportunities

Our partnership is built on mutual benefit, ensuring that both parties grow and succeed together.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Benefit from increased exposure through our marketing efforts, including website features, social media promotions, and targeted advertising.

Seamless Integration

Enjoy streamlined operations with our integrated booking and management systems, simplifying the process for you and your customers.

Who Can Partner with Us?

Motorcycle Rental Businesses: If you rent motorcycles or electric bikes, partnering with Rent125cc can help you reach a wider audience. Our platform connects you with enthusiastic riders looking for reliable rental options.

CBT Training Centres: As a CBT training centre, partnering with Rent125cc will attract more students eager to obtain their licences. We promote your training services to our broad audience, driving more bookings and increasing your revenue.

Accident Claims Firms: If your firm specialises in accident claims for motorcyclists, our partnership can bring you more clients in need of your expert services. We refer riders to your firm, ensuring they receive the professional assistance they need after an accident.

How to Become a Partner

Becoming a partner with Rent125cc is straightforward. Simply fill out our partnership application form, and a member of our team will contact you to discuss the details. We are excited to collaborate with you and drive mutual success.

Join the Rent125cc network today, and let’s accelerate towards success together!

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